January 1st is Not a Magic Day

“2020 is the year that I am going to (insert here):”

Lose weight

Get in shape

Save money

Go to church

Run every day

Be a better person

Get organized

If these phrases sound familiar, how’s that going for you?

Often, we are gangbusters to start, letting up by the first week, and giving in by mid-January. Feeling like a failure and counting the days with Cheetos until January 2021.

You know what? THAT’S OKAY!

January 1 is not a magic day, moment, or event that will suddenly give you the superpowers to do whatever it is you think you need to do.

I’m inviting you to approach your 2020 goals differently by rejecting the “all-or-none” mindset humans tend to adopt.

Practice silencing the monkey-brain and replace the chatter with self-compassion and reflection.

Will losing ten pounds make us younger, more loved, more valued? Does commanding a substantial income or getting a fancy job increase our currency with our loved ones? I’d argue on all accounts that it doesn’t.

If you woke today, feeling melancholy about your unaccomplished goals, remember that each day is a chance to begin again.

With renewed spirit.

With kindness.

With love.

7 Comments on “January 1st is Not a Magic Day

  1. Love this. Someone said something the other day that stuck with me. They said instead of making To-Do lists, they make To-Be lists. Things we do are quickly forgotten once they’re done. But becoming something lasts forever.

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